An accessory designed to collect and manage high volumes of condensate for multiple oil/water separators.

  • Automatically equalizes flow to multiple units                                                        Helps improve operation of oil/water separators
    Multiple inlet/outlet connections 

    Supports system expansion                                     Balances up to 4 oil/water separators

    Large storage reservoir

    Ideal for large capacity level drains                           Handles in-rush from various drains

  • Condensate enters the Equalizer through inlet ports on the diffuser. The Equalizer automatically slows down the flow of the condensate as it distributes to multiple oil water separators. A diffuser pad serves to contain the condensate and reduce misting. The depressurized condensate drains into the collection and storage vessel where any solids drop out and the condensate accumulates. The condensate is then distributed to the oil/water separator(s).

  • Model Inlets Outlets* Working Capacity


    Up to Three (3) 1/2” NPT 

    Three (3) 1/2" NPT 2.4 Gallons


    Up to Three (3) 1/2” NPT Four (4) 1/2" NPT 2.4 Gallons
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