Posi-Zorb Replacement Modules

Replacement Modules for Posi-Zorb OWS Systems

ASP’s Posi-Zorb product line, the media module is self-contained which controls the possibility of spills or contamination during media replacement.


  • Valuable for ISO14001 certified companies
  • Constructed of all non-corrosive materials
  • Proprietary media 
  • Modules can be linked in chain to make for easy rotation and disposal
  • Multiple size modules can be changed as as facility needs change
  • The self contained design and propriety media make for simple disposal in standard refuse conatiners

Media Kit / Existing OWS System

Module Stock No.Posi-Zorb System Size (CFM Capacity)Click to Buy
PZM-15PZD-01-15 (250)
PZM-30PZD-01-30 (500)
PZM-55PZD-01-55 (1000)
*The maximum CFM capacity is based on polyglycol. Ratings listed may be increased by 25% if a refrigerated air dryer is not used. 


Support and Downloads

Posi-Zorb Module Replacement Guide / Posi-Zorb Installation Operating Manual

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