Condensate Drains for Compressed Air Systems

Condensate shortens the lifespan of a compressed air system and results in the loss of productivity, and increased maintenance costs. ASP condensate drains remove unwanted moisture to protect the compressed air system, downstream equipment, and reduce utility costs by enabling your system to consume energy responsibly.

Demand Drains – Zero-Loss

Zero-loss drains help save money by conserving compressed air. To limit air loss, ASP zero-loss drains remove collected condensate automatically and on-demand without loss of compressed air. Up to 30% of electricity consumed by a manufacturing facility can be attributed to compressed air usage. Due to leaks, artificial demand, and inappropriate use, the manufacturing floor can waste as much as half of the compressed air produced.

RD11 Robo-Drain Demand Drain

Robo-Drain RD11-T
most commonly purchased condensate drain

Robo-Drain RD13
Our condensate drain with increased capacity

RD750 Robo-Drain Demand Drain

Robo-Drain RD750
A condensate drain for high pressure compressors

A condensate drain for vacuum systems

Accu-Drain Demand Drain

A zero-loss condensate drain that uses an electric plug

EZ-Drain Demand Drain

A condensate drain that requires no utilities

Dehydra Demand Drain

Similar to the Robo-Drain but has smaller footprint

Timer Drains

Timer operated drains are reliable, cost-effective devices that open the drain’s valve periodically and for an adjustable period of time. The valve may be open for a few seconds once an hour to remove the collected condensate. Time drains are appropriate in smaller systems or applications where the condensate generated is low.

dDVT720 Series
An electric timer drain with digital, programmable screen


A premium timer drain with straight flow and a gate valve

Sure-Drain Timer Drain

Sure Drain – Solenoid Valve
Uses a conventional diaphragm valve

BVD-Drain Timer Drain

BVD – Ball Valve
Non-clogging and designed to handle higher flow

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