dDVT720 Series

Electric Air Compressor Condensate Drain with Digital Timer

Removes condensate from air compressors and maximizes reliability. This drain is equipped with a digital timer interface for programming a wide range of exact open and close valve settings. 


  • Compact size, light weight
  • Extended Off cycle times to 99 hours. 
  • Test button 
  • Adjustable valve open times and close times 
  • LED display with backlight 
  • Available with optional valve sizes 
  • Available with optional valve guard/strainer 


  • Installs at drain points: filters, separators, dryers and air receivers
  • Conserves compressed air 
  • Quick check of drain operation 
  • Simple programming steps that is tamper-proof. 
  • Easy to read even in dark environments 
  • Can be used on wide range of applications 
  • Helps to prevent clogging and extend service life.

How it Removes Condensate from Compressed Air Systems

The new dDVT720 drain incorporates a digital timer designed with an easy to read LED display with backlight, ON and OFF buttons for accurate programming, indicator lights to show valve open and valved closed program status, and a compact durable housing.

The digital timer included with the new dDVT720 drain is equipped with a wide range of adjustable open and closed drain valve settings that enable programming of the timer from 0.5 to 99 seconds for valve open and 0.5 minute to 99 hours for valve closed times.

The new dDVT720 drain contains the same high quality diaphragm style valve as the original DVT720 but with digital interface for programming exact open and close valve settings.


Inlet/Outlet (NPT)1/4″ , 3/8″ , 1/2″
Valve ON Times0.5 – 99 seconds
Valve OFF Times0.5 minutes to 99 Hours
Pressure250 PSI – 300 PSI
Power110 V; 3 prong grounded plug with 6′ cord.
Weight1 lb.

P65 Protection Class


Stock No.ABC

Ordering Information

Stock No.Description
dDVT720Timer Module Only
dDV720-66Timer with 1/4″ Valve
dDV720-22Timer with 1/4″ Valve 
dDV720-23Timer with 3/8″ Valve
dDV720-24Timer with 1/2″ Valve
YS61214Valve Guard/Strainer for 1/4″ Valve
YS61238Valve Guard/Strainer for 3/8″ Valve
YS61212Valve Guard/Strainer for 1/2″ Valve

Support and Downloads

dDVT720 Series Installation Operating Manual

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