Designed for smaller compressed air systems and most compressor lubricants. Capable of 24 hour continuous operation. No electricity required and no moving parts.

  • Compact design Ideal for small compressed air systems
    Constructed of all non-corrosive materials Easily maintained with low maintenance costs
    Proprietary media Runs clog free - extended service life
    Diffuser has multiple inlets Capable of receiving condensate from multiple sources
    Removable mist eliminator Quick access to separator media for easy media replacement
    Includes mounting bracket Makes wall mounting a snap
    High capacity separator media Sized for one-year media life
  • The Accu-Zorb AZ7 utilizes multiple stages to process condensate to remove trace quantities of lubricant. In the first stage, the condensate is deenergized in the upper section of the separator. Displaced air passes through a demisting filter. In the second stage, the condensat gravity flows through a proprietary media that removes lubricating oils from the condensate. In the final stage the polished condensate is discharged from the separator vessel.

  • Stock No. Max. CFM Capacity** (90°F/90%RH) Height Depth Width Dry Weight (lbs.)
    AZ7* 50 15.5" 8.5" 10.5" 11

    *AZ7 does not include oil container, flow indicator, or sample and reference jars.

    **The maximum CFM capacity ratings listed may be increased by 25% if a refrigerated air dryer is not used.

  • pdf_logo.pngDownload the Accu-Zorb 7 Brochure