High Volume, Zero-Loss Condensate Management Drain

Perfect for reliably handling large volumes of condensate from HOC and desiccant dryers. The RD-13 can handle large flows and puts less strain on drain by requiring less cycles.

The Leader in Condensate Management Technology

Our solutions remove harmful moisture to protect compressed air systems, downstream equipment, and reduce utility costs by enabling your system to consume energy responsibly.

Intelligent Condensate Drains

Removes harmful condensate from your compressed air system, maximizes tank capacity, relieves unnecessary stress on the compressor, only runs when it's needed, no electricity required.

Discharge Responsibly

ASP Oil/Water Separators are specifically designed for compressor condensate and to bring discharges into compliance with environmental regulations.

Hydraulic Pressure Intensifiers

Whether your challenge is increasing force or torque performance or reducing footprint while meeting the right cost point, miniBOOSTER helps you boost productivity and get the job done right.

Available With BSP Connections

All Robo-Drain products are now available with NPT or BSP style connections. The most reliable condensate drain available, just got easier to integrate into your application, no matter where in the world you are.

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Maximum Performance, Reduced Utility Cost

ASP pneumatic demand drains don’t require electricity and only run when they are needed.  In addition, they relieve unnecessary stress by maximizing tank capacity and reducing the amount of time the compressor has to run.  The end result is optimum system performance and reduced utility costs.

Protect Your System and the Environment

Moisture can create many issues in a compressed air system.  ASP condensate drains protect the air compressor and downstream equipment.  Implementing an oil-water separator between your drain and the sanitary sewer ensures your discharging clean water, staying in compliance, and protecting the environment.

Boost Hydraulic Pressure and Raise the Bar

If your existing hydraulic system has a need for increased force and torque, miniBOOSTER is a great solution.  miniBOOSTER is a point-of-use component that can be implemented into a wide range of applications and pre-existing designs.  miniBOOSTER super-charges equipment and machinery by dramatically increasing bars of force and pushing to levels never thought possible. 

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