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Air System Products, LLC. (ASP) is a leading manufacturer of condensate drains and oil/water separators for the air and gas compressor market.  As a manufacturer, we are able to advise, service, and custom engineer many variations of our standard products. Our growth and valued reputation is a result of our continued introduction of innovative and reliable products coupled with our strong after sales support.

Manufacturing facilities rely on compressed air for production, yet it is expensive to produce.  Managing your compressed air supply is essential to maintaining a reliable system.   A comprehensive preventive maintenance program and an inclusion troubleshooting plan are necessary to operate an efficient system.  This typically includes waste management through monitoring and repairing leaks, incorporating pressure stability systems, and minimizing air loss during condensate draining.  Reducing operational downtime, enhancing reliability, and taking environmentally responsible measures will help to improve the bottom line.  And, environmentally responsible organizations understand the importance of controlling condensate.

An effective cost-containment program must include annual preventative maintenance and system audits. Every facility manager should understand how cost-containment expenses compares to the money saved over time.  Systems that are regularly maintained to repair leaks and managing condensate often require fewer compressors. System components such as demand drains and oil water separators play an integral role in conservation of compressed air and condensate management.

Wasted air is expensive and it can be prevented.  Actively managing condensate yields many benefits.

  • Minimizing wasted air can permit right-sizing of the compressed air system and possibly reduce the number of compressors required.
  • Zero loss drains are energy efficient and often pay for themselves in less than a year.
  • Many utility companies offer rebate programs for facilities that use zero loss drains. Because zero loss drains control wasted air, some utility companies even share the installation costs.
  • Since compressed air condensate is predominately water, safely separating the water from its contaminants to meet federal and local wastewater regulations will greatly reduce the disposal cost.
  • Reclaimed condensate can be utilized as grey water reducing water consumption.

Since 1981, ASP has developed efficient, reliable, and cost-effective products and systems for industries that use compressed air. ASP products exceed stringent environmental regulations that apply to condensate for a global customer base. ASP’s innovation, condensate management, and service are regarded to be the best in the industry.