Oil / Water Separators for Compressed Air Systems

Oil/Water Separators are specifically designed for compressor condensate and to bring discharges into compliance with environmental regulations. Provisions of the Clean Water Act prohibit the discharge of oil-laden condensate to surface waters, sanitary sewers, or wastewater treatment plants. As a result, ASP has developed a wealth of application knowledge on treating the different types of compressor lube oils.

Accu-Zorb Oil-Water Separator

Can simultaneously process multiple types of oil

Accu-Sep 07 Oil-Water Separator

Accu-Zorb 7
Designed for smaller compressed air systems

Accu-Sep Oil-Water Separator

Ideal for applications that require multi-stage separations

Posi-Zorb Oil Water Separator

Handles a variety of oils, cleaner condensate discharge


designed to collect and manage high volumes of condensate for multiple oil/water separators

Use our handy Selector Guide to find the right Oil-Water Separator for your application. Simply provide the details of your system and we will provide you with our best recommendation based on the size of your system and lubricant in use.

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