Replacement Media Kits, Filters, & Modules for Air System Products OWS Systems

Changing your media is surprisingly simple. Whether you’re utilizing our Accu-Zorb, Accu-Sep, or Posi-Zorb OWS system, the process to change out the media is just a few short and simple steps. Click the links below to find a photo-guided step by step guide for your system.

Accu-Zorb Media

Replacement media and filters for the Accu-Zorb line of OWS Systems

Accu-Sep Media

Replacement media and filters for the Accu-Sep line of OWS Systems

Posi-Zorb Modules

Replacement modules for the Posi-Zorb line of OWS Systems

Use our handy Selector Guide to find the right Oil-Water Separator for your application. Simply provide the details of your system and we will provide you with our best recommendation based on the size of your system and lubricant in use.