Condensate Management

All compressed air systems create condensate. Because the ambient air naturally contains moisture, condensate (the liquid formed by compressing the ambient moisture) is an inevitable by-product that can build up in the compressed air system.

Condensate shortens the lifespan of a compressed air system and results in the loss of productivity, and increased maintenance costs. Condensate also includes a small amount of compressor lubricants along with scale, corrosion, metal particles and rust. This can result in substantial maintenance costs, operational downtime and loss of productivity.

Air System Products, LLC. (ASP) is a leading manufacturer of condensate drains and oil/water separators for the air and gas compressor market.  As a manufacturer, we are able to advise, service, and custom engineer many variations of our standard products. Our growth and valued reputation is a result of our continued introduction of innovative and reliable products coupled with our strong after sales support. ASP is also the leading distributor of miniBOOSTER hydraulic intensifiers in North America.

The following is an overview of the condensate management solutions and miniBOOSTER product line offered by ASP:

Programmable Digital Timer Drain

Timer Drains

Timer operated drains are reliable, cost-effective devices that open the drain’s valve periodically and for an adjustable period of time. The valve may be open for a few seconds once an hour to remove the collected condensate. Time drains are appropriate in smaller systems or applications where the condensate generated is low.

Demand Drains

Up to 30% of electricity consumed by a manufacturing facility can be attributed to compressed air usage. Due to leaks, artificial demand, and inappropriate use, the manufacturing floor can waste as much as half of the compressed air produced. To limit air loss, ASP zero loss drains remove collected condensate automatically and on-demand without loss of compressed air. Zero- loss drains help save money by conserving compressed air. Zero- Loss drains help save money by conserving compressed air.

Robo-Drain Zero-Loss Demand Drain

Posi-Zorb OWS System

Oil-Water Separators

Oil/Water Separators are specifically designed for compressor condensate and to bring discharges into compliance with environmental regulations. Provisions of the clean Water Act prohibit the discharge or oil-laden condensate to surface waters sanitary sewers, or wastewater treatment plants. ASP has a variety of oil-water separators supported by a wealth of application knowledge to provide the best solution to help keep you in compliance.

miniBOOSTER Hydraulic Intensifiers

What is a miniBOOSTER?

miniBOOSTERs are oscillating pressure intensifiers that can be mounted on low-pressure hydraulic systems. The miniBOOSTER will automatically intensify system pressure giving a higher outlet pressure. The miniBOOSTERs come in a vast range of models, each representing different functions for different environments.

miniBOOSTER Hydraulic Intensifiers