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Enter your operating conditions into the calculator below to see the recommended condensate drain and oil/water separator for your application. Our technical support team is always available to help.

System Specifications

Air Compressor Volume Output
Output Pressure
Output Maximum Temperature
Relative Humidity at Output Max Temperature %
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Drain Type
Air Compressor Type
Receiver Location
Lubricant's ASTM D-1401 Demulsibility Test Results ml (Lubricant)
ml (Water)
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System Condensate Load:

Oil-Water Separator Selector

Accu-Sep | Accu-Zorb | Posi-Zorb

Our Recommendation:

Demand Drain Selector

Electronic: Accu Drain | Exactronic

Pneumatic: EZ Drain (EZ-12) | Robo-Drain | Dehydra

Refrigerated Air Dryer:
New, Clean Receiver
Old Receiver, Rust or Scale Present
Drip Leg, 1/2" Pipe Connection:
Drip Leg, 3/4" Pipe Connection

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