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Drain Type
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System Condensate Load:

Oil-Water Separator Selector

Accu-Sep | Accu-Zorb | Posi-Zorb

Our Recommendation:

Demand Drain Selector

Electronic: Accu Drain | Exactronic

Pneumatic: EZ Drain (EZ-12) | Robo-Drain | Dehydra

Refrigerated Air Dryer:
New, Clean Receiver
Old Receiver, Rust or Scale Present
Drip Leg, 1/2" Pipe Connection:
Drip Leg, 3/4" Pipe Connection

Consult the factory regarding systems including intercoolers.

A dry side receiver system includes the following (fraction of total condensate load in parentheses):

Aftercooler (60%), dryer (30%), receiver (10%), filter (10%). (Receiver and filter are held at 10% despite causing a sum > 100%)

A wet side receiver includes:

Aftercooler (60%), receiver (30%), filter (10%). A dryer is usually not used with a wet side receiver.

Drip legs should not expect high condensate flow and are recommended to match the pipe size.

These values are representative and may differ from actual results.