Bolt Tensioning

A portable means of converting standard pressure to high pressure at the point of use in hydraulic bolt tensioners.

As the global demand for electric power continues to increase so does the need for a way to accurately and consistently tighten multiple bolts in difficult to reach, critical applications such as gas and wind turbines, reactor heads or subsea fields.

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners are often the preferred method used to ensure high quality and accurate tightening. Bolt Tensioning has many advantages including controlled, simultaneous tightening of bolts creating a uniform load, elimination of inaccuracies created through friction, and a reduction of the time required to tighten the load.

miniBOOSTER provides a portable means of converting standard hydraulic pressure to high pressure at the point of use.

The compact design of miniBOOSTER requires a minimum of space and is easy to integrate into existing or new tensioning equipment.

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