Tap directly into the hydraulics of the remote operated vehicles (ROV) and supply pressure needed for cutting, crimping and bolt tensioning tools.

  • Compact size and weight allows installation where the pressure is needed
    Lightweight, energy saving design
    High pressure performance from existing low pressure power source
    Pressure at 10,000+ PSI can be obtained from a low pressure hydraulic power source

    Railroad track upkeep and maintenance are imperative to help prevent potential disasters and derailments. Rails are heavy and difficult to move or lift in remote environments with limited power sources.

    Using existing hydraulic power sources, miniBOOSTER converts standard hydraulic pressure to the high pressure needed to pull tracks together for welding.

    The miniBOOSTER can utilize the existing low pressure vehicle hydraulic system to supply higher pressures needed for railroad maintenance work offering a cost effective and reliable way to complete rail maintenance quickly even in the most extreme weather conditions and remote locations.

  • miniBOOSTER is commonly used in railroad maintenance work, offering an inexpensive and reliable way of obtaining up to 11,600 PSI high pressure. Based on existing hydraulic power sources providing 290-2900 PSI, miniBOOSTER generates the high pressure for: pulling/pushing tracks apart for welding, lifting the tracks and bending the rails.


    The HC2 is a compact unit weighing only 2.2 pounds. It is ideal for use in a variety of applications where building and maintaining high pressure is required. It is the standard for most retaining and clamping tool applications.


    The HC6 is a high flow unit which is capable of up to 2.9 GPM flow on the high pressure end for applications where more flow is required at higher pressure.


    The HC6D is a high flow dual acting unit which is capable of flow rates between 2.9 and 14.8 GPM.

    The HC2, HC6, and HC6D raise supplied pressure to a higher outlet pressure and automatically compensates for consumption of oil to maintain the high pressure. Adjustment of the outlet pressure on all miniBOOSTERS is carried out by varying the supplied pressure, PH= (PN- PReturn) i, where i equals intensification.

  • Model Description

    Max PH - Outlet Pressure PSI (BAR)

    PIN - Inlet Pressure Range PSI (BAR)

    PR - Return Pressure Connection

    Overall Dimensions inches (mm)*


    Weight lbs (Kg)


    Inline Compact Intensifier

    11600 (800) 290 - 2900 (20-200) Decreases PH Directly In Line Tube

    1.97φx4.33L (50φx110L)

     2.2 (1)

    Inline Compact Intensifier

    11600 (800) 290 - 2900 (20-200) Decreases PH Directly In Line Tube

    3.54φx9.17L (90φx233L)

     21 (9.5)
    HC6D Inline Compact Intensifier 16000 (800) 290 - 2900 (20-200) Decreases PH Directly In Line Tube

    3.93φx15.00L (100φx381L)

     44 (20)

    *For complete illustration details consult the product information page at www.minibooster.com or request a drawing from customer service.

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