Tap directly into the hydraulics of onsite industrial equipment and supply pressure needed for torque wrenches, nut breakers and jacks for tire changes and maintenance.

  • High pressure performance from existing low pressure power source
    Compact size allows installation where the pressure is needed
    Lightweight, energy saving design
    Easily incorporated in existing or new systems
    Pressure at 10,000+ PSI can be obtained from a low pressure hydraulic power source

    Onsite servicing of large industrial equipment is challenging. Jacking up earth movers or pressing tires on and off their rims demand maximum force in a compact and portable design. The ability to make repairs without transporting equipment back to a workshop avoids costly downtime.

    By tapping directly into the hydraulic system of the industrial equipment, miniBOOSTER converts standard hydraulic pressure to high pressure at the point of use.

    The miniBOOSTER can utilize the existing low pressure vehicle hydraulic system to supply higher pressures needed to operate tools such as torque wrenches, nut breakers, and heavy duty lifting equipment, (jacks), for tire changes and maintenance.

  • miniBOOSTER can tap directly into the hydraulic system of onsite industrial equipment to convert standard hydraulic pressure to high pressure at the point of use.


    The HC2 is a compact unit weighing only 2.2 pounds. It is ideal for use in a variety of applications where building and maintaining high pressure is required. It is the standard for most retaining and clamping tool applications. The HC2 raises supplied pressure to a higher outlet pressure and automatically compensates for consumption of oil to maintain the high pressure.


    The M-HC-011 In-line Intensifier System is designed to boost the hydraulic pressure from the pump to the workload. It operates only when needed, for the sake of saving energy. The hydraulic oil is by-passed directly from the pump to the workload at maximum flow when back pressure from the workload has reached a set point close to the maximum pressure of pump. A sequence valve opens and directs the oil to the intensifier, which increases the pressure. The shift between maximum pump pressure and high pressure happens automatically and ensures that the workload will be driven at a maximum speed in relation to the high pressure needed. A relief valve is installed to prevent the intensified pressure from exceeding the maximum allowable system pressure.

    Adjustment of the outlet pressure on all miniBOOSTERS is carried out by varying the supplied pressure, PH= (PN- PReturn) i, where i equals intensification.

  • Model Description

    Max PH - Outlet Pressure PSI (BAR)

    PIN - Inlet Pressure Range PSI (BAR)

    PR - Return Pressure Connection

    Overall Dimensions inches (mm)*


    Weight lbs (Kg)


    Inline Compact Intensifier

    11600 (800) 290 - 2900 (20-200) Decreases PH Directly In Line Tube

    1.97φx4.33L (50φx110L)

     2.2 (1)


    Inline Compact Intensifier

    10200 (700) 290 - 2900 (20-200) Decreases PH Directly In Line Tube

    4.45x4.65x9.96L (113x118x253L)

     21 (9.5)

    *For complete illustration details consult the product information page at www.minibooster.com or request a drawing from customer service.

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