Tap directly into the hydraulics of the remote operated vehicles (ROV) and supply pressure needed for cutting, crimping and bolt tensioning tools.

  • High pressure performance from existing low pressure power source
    Compact design allows installation where the pressure is needed
    Environmentally friendly
    Operates at any depth
    Corrosion resistant, stainless steel construction
    Available for a wide variety of applications
    Pressure at 10,000+ PSI can be obtained from a low pressure hydraulic power source

    As the global demand for oil and gas continues to increase so does the number of subsea oil and gas fields. Maintaining a subsea field requires specialized equipment such as remote operated vehicles (ROV) that can perform repair operations on the sea floor from workboats or platforms stationed offshore. 

    By tapping directly into the hydraulic system of the ROV, miniBOOSTER converts standard hydraulic pressure to high pressure at the point of use.

    The miniBOOSTER can utilize the low pressure ROV hydraulic system to supply the pressures required to operate cutting, crimping, and bolt tensioning tools directly from the ROV.

    The miniBOOSTER is also well proven in other offshore applications such as wellhead control panels, casing tongs, rough necks, downhole safety valves, skidding systems, seal testing, and blowout preventers.

  • miniBOOSTER is commonly used in ROV tools where the compact size and the reliability are essential. An increasing number of sub-systems are requiring high pressure 3,000-15,000 PSI. miniBOOSTER offers a well proven solution which can be installed directly where high pressure is needed.


    The HC2W is a compact stainless steel unit weighing 2.2 pounds and delivers up to 0.66 GPM. It is ideal for use in a variety of applications where building and maintaining high pressure is required.

    HC4W.jpg The HC4W is ideal for use in applications where a higher volume of high pressure fluid is required. The HC4W is a compact stainless steel unit weighing 8.2 pounds, but it delivers up to 1.5 GPM outlet flow.

    The HC6D2W is a dual media stainless steel 316 L unit which is capable of up to 10.8 GPM flow on the high pressure end. Relative to its flow capability, the HC6D2W is a compact unit weighing 48 pounds.

    The HC2W, HC4W, and HC6D2W raise supplied pressure to a higher outlet pressure and automatically compensates for consumption of oil to maintain the high pressure. Adjustment of the outlet pressure on all miniBOOSTERS is carried out by varying the supplied pressure, PH= (PN- PReturn) i, where i equals intensification.

  • Model Description

    Max PH - Outlet Pressure PSI (BAR)

    PIN - Inlet Pressure Range PSI (BAR)

    PR - Return Pressure Connection

    Overall Dimensions inches (mm)*


    Weight lbs (Kg)


    Inline Compact Intensifier

    11600 (800) 290 - 2900 (20-200) Decreases PH Directly In Line Tube

    1.97φx4.33L (50φx110L)

     2.2 (1)

    Inline Compact Intensifier

    11600 (800) 290 - 2900 (20-200) Decreases PH Directly In Line Tube

    2.8φx6.50L (70φx165L)

     8.2 (3.8)
    HC6D2W Inline Compact Intensifier 15000 (1035) 290 - 2900 (20-200) Decreases PH Directly In Line Tube

    3.94φx17.83L (100φx453L)

     53 (24)

    *For complete illustration details consult the product information page at www.minibooster.com or request a drawing from customer service.

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