Tap directly into the hydraulics of new or existing workholding systems and convert low to high hydraulic pressure to operate clamps and support cylinders.

In busy machining operations where space is often limited, small clamps are used to secure a workpiece while being machined. Smaller clamps may not have enough hydraulic pressure to hold the workpiece in place against the forces of machining.

By tapping directly into the hydraulic system of the machining center, miniBOOSTER converts low hydraulic pressure to high pressure at the point of use to operate clamps and support cylinders in workholding systems.

The compact design of miniBOOSTER requires a minimum of space and is easy to integrate into existing or new workholding systems. By taking advantage of lower system pressure, expensive hoses, pressure valves and piping are eliminated reducing the overall cost and space of the system.

Proven Applications include:

• Clamp and Support Cylinders on Pallets

• Rail Clamping on Machine Centers

• Unclamping of Spindle Heads

• Rotating Knives and Clamps on Turning Machines

High pressure performance from existing low pressure power source
Compact design allows installation where the pressure is needed
Lightweight, energy saving design
Easily incorporated in existing or new systems
Pressure at 10,000+ PSI can be obtained from a low pressure hydraulic power source